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Windows XP 03.03.2011
Windows Vista 03.03.2011
Windows Vista x64 03.03.2011
Windows 7 03.03.2011
Windows 7 x64 03.03.2011

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KODAK ESP Office 6100 Series AiO is the right driver recommended for your system. By installing these drivers you get full support for your product on all operating systems mentions. These drivers have been updated to latest version to resolve all incompatibilities for an easy use.

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Robert(beginner) 3 years ago 
FYI a Linux (deb) driver for your ESP AIO line is available at


Kodak's lack of vision and responsiveness to computer users worldwide as demonstrated by the gross failure to acknowledge the Linux operating system goes far beyond just sticking your head in the sand. It in fact demonstrates nothing less than a blatant outright contempt for the worldwide consumer base.

What happened the last time Kodak refused to acknowledge a surging market trend in a different technology? I wonder if Kodak will pull it's head out of the sand in time to see the the train rolling over it.
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